Show us your catch in Doolin

This page is not about listing specimen species. You can send us anything you were proud of catching in Doolin or along the coastline north or south of it. But I can only put up your pictures if you send them to me.

So feel free to send them to

Sea Trout caught from shore Ken was back again. Well, this wasn't the first time that he was back since 09, but it was the first time he sent me another picture. Reason being that is was a kinda unusual catch. Looks like he caught himself a sea trout. He guessed it to have been a couple of pounds. It was released after taking the pic.

Proud catch with 6 lbs 7 oz. Ken and John were down in August 09 for a couple of days of serious bass-fishing. Ken caught 6 bass the first day and John got 9. The second day, John had caught 3 bass by lunch time. They usually return their catch, but John kept this one for me.
Thanks John, it was delicious.

6 lbs 7 oz (2900 grams) - 27 inch (69 cm)

Conger Eel weighed about 36 lbs Well, Ken wasn't quite as lucky as John this time round, but he sent me a picture from back in 2005, when he caught this conger eel on half a mackerel as bait, using a '10ft Shakespeare Ugly Stick' spinning rod.

He caught it in Ballyryan (also spelled Ballyreen), just north of Doolin and recalls it as being about 36 lbs (16 kilo).
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