Francis McNamara

Francis MacNamara was born in 1884 as the eldest son of Henry Vee.
He disregarded a career in law and enjoyed instead the bohemian lifestyle of a circle of young poets and artists in London. In 1909 he published a book of poems called Marionettes. Some of these poems were inspired by his home in Ennistymon.
He secretly married Yvonne Majolier in 1911 and they lived together in London. They had 4 children, John, Nicolette, Brigit and Caitlin. Francis also had another daughter outside of the marriage. Some of their honeymoon was spent in Doolin House. It was still much in use at that time.
After his marriage to Yvonne fell apart, he married Augustus John's sister-in-law, Edie McNeil, in 1928. After Edie died, Francis got married for a third time in 1936 to Iris O'Callaghan-Westropp. He was then fifty-two years of age. They both returned to Ennistymon House soon after and turned it into the 'Falls Hotel'.
This adventure failed due to his unprofessional approach and great generosity to his guests. The Hotel was sold and they moved into a small house at the rear of the hotel. They spent part of their time here and parts in Dublin.
The marriage started to deteriorate and so did Francis' health. He died in 1946 at the age of sixty-two.

This text is a shortened version of an extract of a page from the Clare Library titled:
"Ennistymon Castle and House and The Falls Hotel"
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